Sincrolab is the best tool for those professionals who want to implement and design their own specific, precise and intuitive cognitive training programs for that population with learning, attention or executive difficulties, and neurodevelopment alterations. The app allows to gather all the clinic information, personal data, patient’s diagnose and neurocognitive profile. It also creates training programs adapted to the cognitive patient’s profile in a manual or automatic mode.

Sincrolab has three main functionalities:

  1. Sincrolab App, un-registered user. The user has access to part of the tasks and can measure its performance with the un-registered user mode.
  2. Sincrolab App for Patients: The user can perform training programs that had been previously prescribed by medical professionals who can supervise and check the users progress.
  3. Sincrolab App for Healthcare Professionals: It provides interactive and intuitive help to manage and structure the neurocognitive treatments in children population.

The app has been designed by SincroLab S.L. Endorsed by a Neuroscience expert committee, with Dra.Nuria Paul (UCM) and Dr. Fernando Maestú (UCM/Director of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory). It also counts with collaboration of the Clinical Neuropsychologists of the Intervention Centres Proyecto3 and Alula, in Madrid.

The app has been developed exclusively for iPad and is available in the App Store.